Triple Barrel Aged Stout '2023 Vintage' [11.7%]

Triple Barrel Aged Stout '2023 Vintage' [11.7%]

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2023 Tripple Barrel Aged Stout 'Premium'

They say good things take time....... Ohh this beer is so good.

Back in 2017, we put RIS into French vanilla and bourbon barrels. We also fortified a stout using new world whiskey. In the most challenging and enjoyable week, we blended these 3 beers. The result is an experience like no other. The fortified stout provides a deep complexity. The bourbon barrel augments the peat notes from the fortification process. The French vanilla oak adds a rich, silkiness to the beer. It was worth every minute of the over 1,300 days it took to create this beer. It’s as rare as it is special with only 1,000 litres made in 2023.

16 x 440ml

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