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What’s an Agora?

What’s an Agora?

220 BC: The Agora was the heart of Greek and Roman communities. At its core it was a marketplace where customers met their local producers. But it was more, it was a place for philosophers such as Plato and Socrates to spread wisdom, actors performed plays and musician’s sung ballads. The Agora was a critical community hub that developed healthy societies by forming strong, trusted relationships between producers, businesses, artists and customers.

Why do we need an Agora?

2020 AD most of our produce comes from far away factories. Our relationship with these producers is limited to plastic packages and glossy commercials. The price we pay is an erosion of healthy communities as we lose our artisans. Small producers also provide healthy competition to the large producers that dominate the shelves. In 2020, the problem of depending on mass produced goods made in cheap far away factories has become clear.

How do we create an Agora?

If we support our small producers, we support our local communities. Artisans produce the best quality products, however, they do not have the budget to compete with power of the mass producers, using traditional methods. We have developed a platform which radically reduces the marketing and sales costs for small producers, allowing them to grow their businesses and compete with mega corporations. Even better, the platform supports local businesses which support artisan producers and rewards customers who purchase artisan goods.