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New App rewards users with free craft beer while helping small businesses survive and thrive

New App rewards users with free craft beer while helping small businesses survive and thrive

Barossa Valley based tech start-up are launching their new App, Agora Gourmet, at a crucial time within the hospitality sector. With only weeks of the Government’s Job Keeper assistance remaining, businesses and their employees have been preparing themselves for their road to recovery, and this new App, which aims to reward people with free craft beer, could help small businesses locally and interstate survive and thrive.

The Agora Gourmet App identifies restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes, which stock a range of high-quality products from artisan producers. Customers who visit these venues and use the App to post their experience on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, receive points that can then be redeemed for beer. Because the App identifies the product and the venue, it becomes a helpful promotional tool for both the venue and the producer, allowing them to save on marketing and advertising associated costs on their already tight budgets.
The App was the brainchild of Denham D’Silva, who is also the founder of highly awarded craft brewery, Barossa Valley Brewing. The App’s introduction will be celebrated with a launch event on Thursday 25 March at a new venue in the heart of Adelaide, eleven, co-founded by Callum Hann and Themis Chryssidis.

“Callum is the perfect person to host the event, to introduce and celebrate the Agora Gourmet App. He has roots in the Barossa, I’ve known for years how passionate he is about local producers. I really see this as a way for everyone to support local producers and the small businesses which support them,” highlights Denham.

“The motivation behind developing the Agora Gourmet App was to level the playing field and allow smaller producers the ability to compete with the largest manufacturers. With the Brewery, I learned quickly that we could make one of the best products out there, but without the marketing budget, we’d struggle to compete. This is the same for all craft and artisan producers. I believe this App allows producers to increase their marketing reach without a huge budget.”

Other award-winning producers have partnered with Denham to launch the app, including Seppeltsfield Road Distillers, Cooper Burns Wine, Barossa Fine Foods, Woodside Cheese, Loophole Brewing and more. Denham says South Australia is the perfect place to launch the App.

“We are blessed with so many amazing world-renowned artisan producers. After the challenges felt during 2020, we all know that seeking the cheapest goods, made in some far away factory, is not a sustainable model. We need to support our local producers. If we do that, we support local jobs and our local community. This App allows you to do that…and get great free beer, by doing so. It is the ultimate win-win.”

This event is the first in a series of Agora Battle of the Beverage dinners, in which beer, wine and gin fight for the attendees vote as the best pairing for food made with Agora produce. 

The Agora Gourmet app is available now to download on Apple and Android App stores.

Ticket Information:

 Date: Thursday 25 March 2021

Time: 6.30 for a 7pm start

Location: eleven, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Description: This event is the first in a series of Agora Battle of the Beverage Dinners, in which beer, wine and gin fight for the attendees’ vote as the best pairing for food prepared by Callum Hann using high quality artisan produce.

Price per ticket: AUD $130 (inc GST) which includes three courses + 6 drinks

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